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And please, I don’t mean because it sucked. :)

I mean have you ever teared up because of a story or scene, or character, anything like that, from a comic book?

  • The end of Moonshadow
  • "Who Is Donna Troy?" - when Donna finds her adoptive parents
  • We3: “Home is RUN! NO! MORE!”

New 52 Supergirl by mahmudasrar





A quick break from commission work. And according to her wiki, she doesn’t have any really good quotes for my to use. *shrugs*

Silly Wiki.

"Hulk, make me a sandwich" or "Heddo my name is Mr. Squidie"!!

HOW ARE WE FORGETTING “Listen up, bitchcakes”


Tigra for #WakeUpAndDraw in honor of Jack Kirby’s birthday today. Proceeds go to the Hero Initiative. 


The Invaders by Bruce Timm

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Jack Kirby, by John Romita and Joe Sinnott, 1994.

Happy birthday Jack Kirby, thanks for everything.


The No-Sin Situation // artwork and words by Chip Zdarsky (2014)

Featuring the non-In-continuity confessions of the Marvel characters.

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Marvel Comics Series - Stan Lee Presents Captain America (1979) cover by John Romita. This was a Simon & Schuster pocket collection of classic adventures.

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party don’t start til i walk in


party don’t start til i walk in

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