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I awoke to the sad news that one of the comics greats, Joe Kubert, had passed away. Dave Gibbons confirmed the news via Twitter. CBR offers up a precis of his life and work:

Kubert’s body of work in comics as an artist and writer is as storied and diverse as they come. His highlights include milestone Golden Age pages for DC Comics “Hawkman,” an acclaimed body of war and military comics including the adventures of Sgt. Rock, early comics journalism including “Fax from Sarajevo,” personal graphic novels like “Yossel” and in recent years, a number of commercial comics projects as well as regular art or the U.S. Army’s “PS Magazine.”

Across the comics community, Kubert was known also as a pioneer in teaching the comics medium. In 1976, he founded The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art, recently renamed simply The Kubert School. From there, generations of cartoonists have made their way into the comics artform and industry thanks to Kubert’s dedicated focus on story and craft.

Of course, his most famous students may be his sons Adam and Andy – two of the first Kubert school graduates and mainstream comic art superstars. The pair have taught with their father at the Kubert School’s Dover, NJ campus for years. And the elder Kubert has collaborated with both sons in recent years including a current run on “Before Watchmen: Nite Owl” with Andy.

Vale, sir, and thank you.

(Picture of Kubert via Boston Comic Con; Hawkman commission via Drive-In Mike.)

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    A true talent and major influence in the field. He will be missed.
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