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Select panels from the second story in Avengers Spotlight #27, an ‘Acts of Vengeance’ tie-in; art by Dwayne Turner and Chris Ivy.

This was my first exposure to Dwayne McDuffie’s writing, and in an eleven page back-up, he featured five female Avengers working together to get the job done. This was long before Cullen Bunn’s Fearless Defenders, or Brian Wood’s X-Men - or, for that matter, the Birds of Prey. It wasn’t written as a novelty, or an exercise in fanservice, it simply demonstrated how capable these characters were. McDuffie included humor (as seen above), action, a nice civilian scene (Monica on a date before she gets beeped), and each of ‘em got their moment to shine.

Again, all of this in eleven pages.

No mean feat, when you think about it.

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