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My Mom knew a man who could bend metal.

i dont care they were writing tommy more than pietro, i loved this verse quicksilver to bits and he stole the whole movie, hands down

The best part is how well it captures his SMILE.




hey cool kid hey cool kid why dont you want anyone around

Reblogging again because WOW these are cute.

I want Wanda’s outfit. 

"Pietro, I wanna be in the X-Men movie…"

"Hush, Wanda."


Marvel Age #129 cover by Adam Hughes

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Imaginary What If…? issue. What If Magneto Formed The Original X-Men commission by John Byrne.

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File under ‘variant covers I’d like to own’: the black-and-white version of X-Men #25 (1993).

The Avengers (both OG and ‘Kooky Quartet’ versions) by Rob Haynes.

Avengers Origins: Quicksilver & the Scarlet Witch/The Vision; covers by Marko Djurdjevic.

The Avengers by Alan Davis

The Avengers by Alan Davis

The Avengers by Stuart Immonen